The Soul Essence Technique helps you release emotional wounds, let go of old beliefs, and understand what’s holding you back. 

This app guides you through which oils are best for you and how to use each oil in a profound way, so you can find your passion and achieve more in your life and your business.

Live your life to the fullest!

Includes 240 unique emotional and spiritual descriptions of Young Living Essential Oils and spiritual descriptions of Young Living Essential Oils

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Corinne Delis created a technique she called The Belly Test in 2015 to get clearer answers on how to use the products that came up after using a scan. Instead of reading the physical use of the products she started focusing on the emotional, spiritual use of the products. They told a story that was always spot on, no matter how many people she tested.

Corinne found she no longer needed a scan to tell her what she needed.  Instead she started trusting her own inner wisdom for the answers by using muscle testing.  She saw big shifts happening when her team members started using the Young Living products that were suggested.

In 2017 Dallas Harting introduced Judy De La Rosa to Corinne Delis. Corinne shared her technique and Judy understood it immediately.  Judy began teaching it to her Young Living team with great results. She called it the Abundance TechniqueTM.  In 2018, Judy and Corinne decided to start working together to bring this technique to the world by creating the Soul Essence Technique app.


Corinne Delis and Judy De La Rosa asked two clarvoiyant women, Cindy Davidson and Nicola Parrington, to describe what they felt when they held each Young Living essential oil in their hand. They were asked the following questions about each oil –

What kind of person needs this oil?

What will happen if the person uses this oil?

The oils were tested blindly. Nicola Parrington had used essential oils, but didn’t know anything about Young Living oils prior to this. Cindy Davidson is an intuitive therapist who uses Young Living essential oils in her practice.

The final 240 unique explanations in the Soul EssenceTMTechnique app are a combination of images and comments made by Corinne, Cindy, Nicola and Judy.

There are 3 parts to the Soul Essence Technique. 

  1. Use your Body Intelligence to access the hidden beliefs and emotional patterns in your subconscious that are blocking you from success and happiness. 
  2. By reading the unique product explanations in the app that come up for you, it helps you understand the beliefs and emotions hidden in your subconscious that are no longer serving you, so you can consciously choose to shift them.
  3. Using the Young Living oils and oil-infused products that your Body Intelligence suggests for you, can shift your frequency and neural pathways so you can break up the old mental and emotional patterns and create new life-supporting patterns for the life you want.

It is important to use all the products that come up in your session.  Each oil or product will clear a certain aspect of the current or past subconscious beliefs and emotions that are affecting you. The first product description tells you about the overall issue that needs to change.The last product description deals with the core issue. The core issue can only shift if all the other oils/products are used. 

Each emotion or memory has an unique energy pattern and frequency.  To shift the frequency and energy of an emotion or memory, it is important to work with essential oils that are extremely pure on both a biochemical and an energetic level.


 Young Living is a company that is committed to producing oils that are high-quality on both a biochemical and energetic level.  We have seen amazing results when using Young Living products with the Soul EssenceTMTechnique. If you choose to use other brands, that is up to you, but we can not guarantee the same results. Also, the description for each oil is based on Young Living oils and not any other brand.

If you want to learn more about why Young Living products are unique and different from other brands, go to

The Soul EssenceTMTechnique uses muscle testing to tap into your Body Intelligence and your subconscious mind to answer questions about physical, mental, and emotional well-being. It’s a non-invasive method designed to determine the potential underlying causes of physical discomfort, mental agitation and unresolved emotions. 

Muscle testing is based on principles of biomagnetic energy. While our conscious mind is mostly oblivious to these energies, our body and our subconscious mind are profoundly affected by these energies. As a result, the biomagnetic energy flowing through your body can lead your body to respond to positive energy, and to block negative energy. These responses are what make muscle testing possible.

We can tap into this relationship between Body Intelligence and biomagnetic energy by asking “true/false” questions, and then checking the body’s response.

Body intelligence is a feeling or awareness that goes beyond your analytical mind to access your inner wisdom and give you answers to the questions you have. 

We store all our memories and emotions in our body on a cellular level.  By connecting to our Body Intelligence, we are able to access these hidden memories and emotions.


In the Soul EssenceTMTechnique, muscle testing is used to tap into your Body Intelligence.  We ask “yes/no” questions and watch how your Body Intelligence responds.  If a question is asked and the answer is “yes”, your body energy will continue to flow, causing you to fall either forwards or backwards.  That is a “yes” answer.  If you are asked a question that is false, it will cause your body to fall the opposite way. That is a “no” answer. 

By using your Body Intelligence during a Soul EssenceTMTechnique session, your body will indicate which Young Living products can connect you to your soul’s true purpose and unlock the gifts you are meant to share with the world. 

Issues that may affect your ability to test yourself are:
Dehydration. This may make it difficult to get an accurate response. Drink a glass of water and try again.
Lack of confidence. Successful muscle testing requires a certain amount of faith and trust in yourself.You may struggle most if you cannot properly trust your results.
– When people are depleted, stressed or deeply traumatized, they can become  disconnected from their body. This makes it difficult to get a good response when muscle testing.  In this situation, a surrogate can be used. 

Yes, although it is better to use the Premium Starter Kit first to help your body and mind first to aclimate to the purity and potency of Young Living oils.  Based on experience, we find that the body needs to prepare for emotional healing by starting slow.  For some people it can be overwhelming to immediately focus on hidden emotional and mental patterns.  For the best results, allow for one month of gentle detox with the Premium Starter kit before doing a Soul Essence Technique session. 

Yes, this technique can be used on children and animals. When the child is too young to test themself, you can ask if the tester or a 3rd person can be the surrogate. The same goes for animals.

Yes this technique can be used while pregnant. Our advice is to carefully look into the products that come up to see if you are able to use them during pregnancy.

It is important to use all the products that come up in your session. Each oil or product will clear a certain aspect of theissuethat is affecting you.The first product tells you more about the overall issue that needs to change. The last product is dealing with the core issue. The core issue can only shift if all the other products are also used.


 If you only use part of the products recommended in your session, it could cause discomfort because your body won’t have all the frequencies and products necessary to completely create a new way of functioning.  If you don’t use all of the recommended products, you may have trouble letting go of the hidden patterns that are affecting you. The first products prepare the way for you to change the core issue. 

Everything you see or do in your life affects you mentally and emotionally. The energy of these experiences flows in and out of your system. However, sometimes we create confusion in our system when we cannot let go of the emotional and mental part of what has happened. This can block the flow of energy in our body. 

Here is an example:

You are four years old. Your dad comes home after a very tiring and stressful week at work. All he wants to do is relax and have his coffee. You, the four year old, bumps the coffee of the table. This was the last thing your dad needed and he screams at you that you are no good and nothing will ever come from you. Even if he says sorry the next second and hugs you, you proces this mentally but emotionally it get’s stuck and is stored in your body.

When you are 6 years old and you have to start reading and writing you find yourself having difficulties doing it. Subconsciously this stored memory will be triggered: “You are no good, nothing will ever come from you”. School will call it fear of failure, but the actual cause is the emotions and memory that were stored in your body 2 years prior.

We are often not aware of how these life experiences are building up year after year and affecting us.  They begin to block our Soul EssenceTMfrom shining through and we begin to feel frustrated.  By using the Soul EssenceTMTechnique, we can access all of the mental and emotional pieces that are affecting us.

Often the core issue is connected to multiple life experiences that create layers. The first product description that comes up will tell you more about more about the overall issue. We are often very much aware that this issue is going on currently or has been going on in the past. The product descriptions for each layer will give you a fuller understanding of your hidden beliefs and emotions affecting you.  The last layer will tell you more about the core of the issue.


By using the Soul EssenceTMTechnique your Body Intelligence will show you which products can help shift your beliefs and emotions so you can start living your full potential.  It is important to use all the products that come up in your session.

Using the Muscle Testing method is preferred.  When you feel a “yes/no” answer in your body, it begins the process of shifting the issue/outcome you have choosen for your Soul EssenceTMTechnique Session.


If you are unable to get clear answers from muscle testing, you may not be connected enough to your body to feel the answers as “yes/no” responses. It may take some time for you to get familiar with allowing your body to give the response, instead of your mind.In this case, you can use the Zyto or iTOVior a surrogate to learn whatproducts will allow you to start connecting to your Soul EssenceTM



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